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Circus Collage 1962 Pop Poster Collage
Pop Poster Collages 1961-1963
Zoll 1965 Black and White Op Paintings
Black and White Op Paintings
Quadro - Red/Blue, 1968 Op silk screen print
Op Limited Edition Prints
Untitled c 1966 Fast Acid Dye on Canvas
Op fast acid dye on canvas, interferometry/moire
Warp, Unknown Date Acrylic on Canvas
Systems Paintings: Two colour stripe acrylics paintings on canvas and studies for paintings on paper
Untitled, c1975 Charcoal and Cellulose Acitate on Canvas
Charcoal Paintings, drawings and prints 1972 - 1994
Edge, 1996 Silk Screen Print on Paper
Geometric colour prints
Untitled, c1995/1996 Oil on Canvas
The white paintings and prints
Untitled, Unknown Date Painting on Canvas