White Paintings and Prints

Oil on canvas, oil on paper, and a small limited edition of 7 Lithographs.

“The paintings were made during the period 1995-96 and evolved from continuing interest in systems of construction and process and a more minimal formal outcome than in earlier work.

The paintings are all oil on canvas and range in size from 61 x 61 cms to 152.5 x 152.5 cms (24 x 24 ins to 60 x 60 ins). The prints emulate the process used in the paintings.

Although the works are entitled “WHITE PAINTINGS” all the paintings have colour lying beneath the white which is applied within a strict linear structure. A range of different whites i.e. Flake, Zinc, Titanium etc. are used in combinations for their various modulatory abilities of colour bias and opacity.

The working method permits and interactive process whereby the opposing characteristics of a highly regulated structural format and a less predictable human physical element can creatively coexist.”

Extract from an interview with Richard Allen in 1998.