Reviews and Interviews (UK)

1999  Obituary in The Times

1998 Catalogue for Richard Allen 1957-1997, Retrospective Exhibition University of Wales School of Art, including:

Alistair Crawford – Introduction to Richard Allen;

Rebecca Kean – Interview with Richard Allen.

1984  Clifford McLucas ‘Interview with Richard Allen

1975  Flash Art , Milan review

Barbara Wright: Art Review

William Packer: Art and Artists

Art International Vol. XIX

1974  Ed. Eddie Price ‘Systems Art, An Inquiry’ School of Art Education Birmingham Polytechnic

1972  Fenella Crighton Art International

Andrew Forge ‘Lessons’ The Listener

Nigel Gosling ‘Academic Angles’ The Observer

John Russell ‘Systems’ The Times

David Dickson ‘Systems’ The New Scientist

‘Systems, Whitechapel & Lucy Milton’ Arts Review

J Reichardt ‘Systems’ Architectural Design

Caroline Tisdale ‘Systems’ The Guardian